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Hello babes, hope you had a good day so far. It's rainy here. But I couldn't resist to make some pics of my cool new statement T-shirt I got from YoShop. It's a casual look I wore today. Find the Tee link at the bottom.

The shirt trend that's having a major moment right now and that will continue to be the belle of the ball well into 2017 is graphic tees. While this shirt style is not necessarily anything new, street style stars have proven that this T-shirt style is officially the most versatile item in your wardrobe. Adaptable and current? Trends like that are hard to come by.

YoShop is a leading international online seller providing an unparalleled selection of the very best gadgets. They offer fashion, beauty, jewelry but also other products like electronics, home items etc. You can find a lot stuff at this site at reasonable prices for sure! They have quickly established itself as a major e-commerce platform. We will hear a lot about them in the future.

T-Shirt - HERE

So how are you to wear these statement-making graphic tees? To be honest, there is no right or wrong answer to that question, which is what makes this item all the more precious. As you'll see in the following street style shots, some style them simply with jeans and sneakers while others aim to impress by pairing them with velvet suits, midi skirts, and even dresses.

Do you like my new Tee and whole today's layering look?

Let me know what you think. 

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