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Hello cuties, hope you had a good day so far. I was really busy, at work today, so I'm happy to be back at home. Now I can do something for myself, take a bath, chilling and drinking tea. It's important to take care of yourself after a stressful day even more. I will share some tips about Women's health in this post. 


Check Pregnancy is a website where you can get professional knowledge about mommy and baby’s health and find very useful articles about pregnancy questions. It's possible to find an answer on every topic that interest you. If you need advices about breastfeeding or simply how to become pregnant, make sure to visit this site, because you will find the best solutions.


Some women need to take medicines during pregnancy for health problems like diabetes, depression, morning sickness or seizures. Always talk with your doctor, nurse, or pharmacist before taking any medicines, vitamins or herbs. I'm also in the period when my partner and I plan to have a baby, so these are all the themes that preoccupy me. I have some worries about this case but I'm also tired of reading unproffesional informations or diagnosis or all the untrue stories from other mothers. Therefore I'm very thankful that I found this site, I can trully say that it helps me and I have the feeling that someone understand me and my problems during this period. If you are in a simillar situation I recommend you to visit and read it carefully.

Would you like to getting little in the middle?
There's a lot of training that happens once you have a baby. Sleep training and potty training come to mind, of course, but what about waist training? Today, a growing number of new moms are attempting to smoosh their postbaby mummy tummies into oblivion with the help of a 16th-century throwback, the corset and its modern-day equivalent, the belly wrap.

Me And My Waist is also an online platform about women's health, especially for women which are searching for a suitable waist trainer. Waist cinching corset is strongly recommends that you consult with your physician before beginning any exercise program. You should be in good physical condition and be able to participate in the program. But I think that it's certainly clear. With this trick you can get a new form and amazing results. Waist training is the act of tightly wrapping your midsection from the bottom of your ribs to your lower waist with a corset or supportive band to gradually reduce your natural waist. I saw very good results on the internet and I'm satisfied.

 Let me go back to the life with baby topic. To calm your baby you will need a good baby swing. Take a look how to choose best baby swing and be sure that you buy only the best for your child. This is a very important purchase because sometimes it's hiding undesirable consequences, this product must be totally safe and best quality.

A good swing will give you options. Rock baby from side to side, backwards and forwards, up and down. Your baby will love it. Choosing the best baby swing can provide your little one with a comfy, safe place that simulates the motion and sounds of the womb to lull them from fussy to relaxed in minutes flat.

Babies grow so fast and after all questions and worries in the first few months, there comes a new time in parents lives. For all mummys that want to get in shape after pregnancy, read physical benefits of waist training you should knowIt helps get back into shape after giving birth. This definitely depends on your personality, but we hear from women all the time who have received an immediate confidence boost when they put on their corset and saw their waistline change. It's possible to have a hourglass figure, start now.

Important Note: Take it easy, Be Patient, Enjoy every moment.

Have fun, and be good to yourself!

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StyleWe Summer Fashion

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Hello babes, hope you had a great day! Only two days and it's official start of spring. Such a wonderful season, isn't it? But it's also a good time to prepare for the best season - summer! I will show you some gorgeous pieces which are a must-have for upcoming sunny days.

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A clothing item that you will surely need is a floral kimono. It's a flexible thing you can wear so often. You must have some of them. It wouldn't be a stylish summer without it.

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YoShop Lace Top

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Hey cuties, here I am again. Happy to show you my cute new top from YoShop. Make sure to read the infos about the store below. Because It's a great online shopping destination for your next purchase.

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Millybridal UK Wedding Dresses

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 Wedding Dresses Millybridal

Hi cuties, hope you are all fine today. I'm back with an inspo post about beautiful wedding dresses and I'm sure you will love them.

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Gamiss Bomber Jacket

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Hi again, how are you spending this evening? I'm at home now after a hard day. I can now relax and share my new items with you. Bomber jackets are back. Really trendy now, right? So, I must have one too. I choose a army green exemplar with cool appliques on it. Mine is from Gamiss. I love this street style very much. Hope you are also a fan of it.

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YoShop Pants

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Hello babes, it's me again. As I said I'm back and will try my best to be more active on my blog. I really love to share my new purchases with you. So, in this post I will show you some pics of my new stylish black pants. They're from YoShop. If you haven't heard about this store it's really time, because it's a great online shopping destination. Don't miss their sales and shop latest trends and search your face pieces from amazing collections. 

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Tosave Pink Parka

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Hello beauties, hope you had a good day. I was busy these days, so I was not very active on my blog. But this time I couldn't resist to show you my cute new pink jacket from Tosave. You will be able to read more informations about the store below for sure. The jacket is so comfy and absolutely an eyecatcher. The color is lovely and material very soft. It was also available in so many other colors but I choose this because it's unique. The parka is for everyone, because they have it in all sizes. Oh, and it's so warm! It was cold today and I was happy that I wore it. I combined it with simple blue jeans, black boots and a brown bag. A casual outfit for daily activities. I love my new outerwear and will wear it often.

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Rivet Boots

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Čizme u rock stilu ove sezone moraju biti dio vašeg ormara.
Ove sezone su jako aktualne čizme sa nitnam i takođe bajker čizme.
Nije ni čudo sto su svi zavoljeli ove čizme jako su stabilne,udobne,drže čvrsto zglob na nozi i dodaju nekoliko centimetara.
 Rock čizme takođe izgledaju sjajno u kombinaciji sa 3/4 dužinom pantalona ili kratkom haljinom i oversize jaknom.
Rock čizme ove sezone imaju kopče, kaiševe i vidljive nitne. Nisu previše robusne, i imaju blok petu ali i dalje odišu rock stilom.
Ja sam sa svojim oduševljena. 

Kiss Vildana