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Hi cuties, I'm back with an outfit post. Today I wore my new Pizza pattern T-shirt from Yoins. It says "You've stolen my heart" and I can comfirm, it's definitely the truth. I love it. So comfy and trendy. The link is at the bottom.

One of the most important closet staples is the T-shirt. Whether you're relaxing in your favorite sweats or out and about in leather pants, the T-shirt always brings a casual-cool vibe to whatever outfit you've got on. I suggest having a wide variety of tees for all occasions, but keep in mind that not all T-shirts are created equal. There are, of course, many cuts, colors, and patterns to choose from. Those that are appropriate for a concert probably won't work as well in the office. But this one I got from Yoins is super cool and easy to combine for sure.

Yoins want to be your inspiration to move away from the crowds, to stop following the herd, and to start expressing who you really are. To do this they have brought together the best styles and trends from the catwalk and the street, reworked them to create comfortable, high quality, fashionable clothing, and brought them to you at affordable prices thanks to their efficient logistics and close partnerships. What this adds up to is great quality fashion at great prices.

T-Shirt - HERE

Below are the infos from the website, under product details.

Power down for the weekend with our chilled-out casual T-shirt. With bright sweetheart pattern, this tee must be one of your younger wardrobe selection! It's a win with our denim mini skirt and our new chic flats!

Great description of this stylish shirt, absolutely.

Buy yours now!

Take a look through their collection and let Yoins be your inspiration.

Happy shopping!


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